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Want a launder?

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Welcome to: Arabian Laundry

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About Arabian laundry

At The Arabian laundry we adopt a new and inventive strategy to two of life’s every day tasks: washing and cleaning. We are a practical, earth cognizant business, with a mission to keep garments clean while not disregarding your wellbeing, and that of our planet. Our areas are perfect vitality controlled, and our high-effectiveness washers spare a lot of water and power.

Professional Care

We’re a supreme, door-to-door delivery dry cleaning and laundry service. With minimum effort you choose a pick-up & drop-off time and we’ll...

Fast Delivery

Overnight dry cleaning and laundry delivery. Your clean clothes will arrive 24h after pick-up. By the time you take off that last shirt, the fresh...

Professional Care

We provide high quality dry cleaning, laundry and ironing services from premium facilities, and take custom orders so you can look and feel just...

Arabian Laundry Promise

We are certified

Offering innovative solutions is our passion. We endeavor to attain a high customer satisfaction in our field and want to exceed your expectations.

Impeccable Track Record

Out of years of experience with the state of the art dry cleaning equipment, we have gained a unique track record.

Satisfaction guaranteed

With our innovative solutions and cost effectiveness, we strive to satisfy our customers and always succeed!